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Erectile dysfunction: The interest of the scientific community


Sebastião David Santos-Filho, Severo de Paoli, Solange Campos Vicentini, Nelson de Souza Pinto, Márcia Pereira Oliveira, Ângela Tavares, Mario Bernardo-Filho

Erectile dysfunction (ED) (impotence) can be define d as a partial or total inability to achieve erecti on, an inconsistent ability to do so, or a tendency to sustain only brief erections. The interest of the scientific community in studies about ED is evident and is increasing. The aim of this work was to evaluate the number of publications (NP) in ED usin g the databank PubMed in the period between1950 to January 2011 determining the NP, in each year, i n ED (NP-ED) and in impotence (NP-IM) alone or together (NP-ED-IM). The total NP-ED or NP-IM was a ssociated with Viagra (NP-ED-V or NP-IM-V), or Levitra ((NP-ED-L or NP-IM-L), or Cialis (NP-ED-C o r NP-IM-C) or physiotherapy (NP-ED-Physio or NP- IM-Physio). The results showed a growing interest o f the scientific community in ED. Viagra has been most cited drug and the physiotherapy is cited sinc e 1991 to treat ED. The findings reported reveal th e relevance of the PubMed to evaluate the scientific interest in specific subjects. Furthermore, the knowledge of these findings would be relevant to ve rify the scientific interest in ED that has undesirable impacts in our Society.

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