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Dyspnea scoring in patients with COPD


Gulfidan Cakmak, Zuhal Aydan Saglam, Tayyibe Saler, Mustafa Yenıgun, Esra Ataoglu, Levent Umit Temiz, Tuncalp Demır

COPD is a progressive disorder diagnosed with recognition of the symptoms and spirometry. The parameters of spirometry are well defined in several guidelines. According to GOLD rearranged at 2004, a post bronchodilator FEV1/FVC rate smaller than 70% is accepted as a diagnostic criterion for COPD. Symptoms are also important as well as spirometric evaluation. Indeed, these symptoms are the clinical representation of the present inflammation. Among symptoms, dyspnea is the most important one alarming the patient. So, classification of dyspne in a simple and objective way has a great value. In this study, we emphasized the presence of dyspnea in outpatients of our Chest Disease Department who smoked more than 10 pack/yr. Patients are classified into two groups as COPD and non-COPD group according to symptoms and spirometric evaluations. Each individual was expected to carry out a selfadministered questionnaire for symptom scoring following spirometry. Presence of a rustling sound (A), preexisting pulmonary disease (B), and short of breath (C) were questioned and scored one by one. A, B, C and total ABC scores were significantly different in groups with and without COPD (p<0.001). Symptom scoring according to staging/stages in COPD group revealed that as COPD worsened A, B, C and total ABC scores increased. There was a significant difference regarding symptom scoring especially among patients without COPD and COPD patients at stage 2B and 3. As the patients reached higher scores, all of the spirometric parameters significantly decreased (p<0.001). It is important to explore and express dyspnea in the best possible way in order to avoid misdiagnosing and maltreatment.Examination of dyspne should not require administration of very complex questionnaires, moreover, with simple questionnaires it is possible to achieve reliable scoring.

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