Double aortic arch presenting as acute upper airway obstruct | 18114
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Double aortic arch presenting as acute upper airway obstruction in a Nigerian newborn: A case report


Onalo R, Orogade AA, Ogala WN, Igashi J, Hamidu AU, Ekwem LI, Olorukoba B

Aortic arch abnormalities manifesting at birth are rare. Most reported cases present with symptoms later in life with features of respiratory obstruct ion presenting much earlier than those of oesophage al obstruction. Patients with significant airway compr ession may die as a result of respiratory compromise, but such events are said to be extremel y rare. We report the case of a baby with double aortic arch who manifested with features of severe upper airway obstruction from birth and succumbed to the effect of severe hypoxia before any surgical intervention could be effected. This report is intended to create awareness of the condition in Ni geria and highlight the importance of early recognition of newborns with double aortic arch so that appropriate measures to overcome airway obstruction could be initiated to avert significant hypoxia-related complications.

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