Depositional Environment of the Exposures of Turonian Eze - | 16796
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Depositional Environment of the Exposures of Turonian Eze - Aku Formation at Uwakanda 1, Southeastern Nigeria


Ikoro D. O.

The sediments of the outcrop sections at Uwakande 1, Obubra southeastern Nigeria were studied for their textural variation. The study employed the characterization of the litho-facies, granulometry and pebble morphometric analysis. The sand fractions of the sediments are coarse to very coarse. Statistical parameters resulting from granulometry show that they are poorly sorted, very positively skewed and platykurtic. Results from bivariate plots and pebble morphometric analysis indicated the predominance of high energy fluvial fractions. Minor high energy, probably beach sediment is indicated by some individual clasts with Oblate-Prolate Index and Maximum Projection Sphericity values of less than -1.5 and 0.66, respectively. Thin section analysis of the pebbles shows that the sediments consist mainly of quartz, and low amount of feldspar, which is an indication of granitic rock derivative. The pebbles of the Turonian Eze-Aku Formation outcrop sections at Uwakanda 1 may be a fan deposit of possible the Oban massif or the Cameroun highland.

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