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Cr-acquisition and reactive oxygen species role in growth, photosynthesis, photosynthetic pigments, and biochemical changes in essential oil(s) monoterpene of Geranium ( Pelargonium graveolens L.Her.├ó┬?┬? ex. Ait. )


A.Misra, A.K Srivastava and N.K. Srivastava

Cr is an essential element required for various metabolic pathways and act as an antioxidant in the various redox-reactions of primary and secondary plant production of – biomolecules. Geranium is an important essential monoterpene oil(s) bearing plant. Culturing the plant at different doses of Cr from 0- 1.0 -1 revealed that Cr plays an important role as an in antioxidant promoter, apart from its micronutrient essentiality. 0.25 ├»┬ü┬ş g Cr ml-1 is the critical concentrations for maximum content of (0.21%) total essential monoterpene oil(s). At concentra -1, the CO2 assimilation rate, photosynthetic pigments content and ultimately the accumulation of essential Cr ml-1 ,with the production of biomolecule geraniol. Results revealed an oxido-reducable reaction of Cr in the formation of monoterpene essential oil(s) and possibly for the major constituents Geraniol.

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