Clinical biochemical parameters of Burkinabese local donkeys | 16992
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Clinical biochemical parameters of Burkinabese local donkeys breeds


A. Sow, K.M Kalandi, N.P Ndiaye,A. Bathily, G.J Sawadogo

The study allowed establishing values of certain biochemical parameters in 87 donkeys selected from 2 agropastoral zones of Burkina Faso. Values found in donkeys of Burkina were within the range of those found in European and Latino American donkeys unless creatinine and AST which had lower values in Burkinabese donkeys. Values of biochemical markers varied according to age groups, and nutritional status, and geographical localization of the donkeys. Thus, the mean value of AST was higher in animals with BCS3 than the ones with BCS2 (p=0.035). There was significant difference between values of creatinine (p=0.000) and magnesium (p=0.046) according to age groups (foal, young and adult). Significant variation was noted too in the values of ALT, and urea, and phosphorus in donkeys from one agropastoral zone to the other (p=0.012). The results of this study would help veterinarians to improve the diagnosis of the diseases of donkeys by good interpretation of biochemical analyses.

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