circRNA- mRNA-miRNA interaction network\'s part in diabetes | 99046
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circRNA- mRNA-miRNA interaction network\'s part in diabetes


Hinati Zukaki*

A neoteric transcript called circular RNA (circRNA) functions as a sponge for miRNAs to regulate gene expression. Recently discovered, the dysregulation of this circRNA-miRNA-mRNA connection is linked to illness development and progression. Studies have shown that this regulatory network controls the pathophysiology of vascular disorders through the regulation of endothelium dysfunction. Endothelial dysfunction is caused by imbalances or disruptions of the vasodilation and vasoconstriction components as a result of alterations in oxidative stress, inflammatory markers, and nitric oxide signalling. In order to create atherosclerotic lesions, these abnormalities prevent blood from passing through the endothelium barrier. We now have a better understanding of the intricate regulatory network underlying endothelial dysfunction because to advances in high-throughput methods like genome and RNA sequencing (Tela et al., 2016).

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