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Can Metallic Surgical Implants Influence the Body�??s Health


Huang Wei Ling

Statement of the problem:  The necessity of surgical implants use is a consequence of the increase of life expectancy. Therefore, there is a range of studies regarding the implant materials and their interactions. However, those studies are carried out analyzing the factory and interaction of materials, and often, they do not consider the effects of those materials in the normal functioning of the human body. Purpose: Demonstrate that the placement of metal implants can influence body’s health, leading to a decrease in vital energy. Methods:  Two clinical cases, the first, of a 30-year-old male patient, who suffered an accident and broke the right elbow and right leg, requiring surgery with surgical implant of titanium rod in both limbs. Two months after surgery the patient presented a very severe depression, that would not improve with the use of antidepressants. The second case is from 60-years-old female patient, who implanted a titanium dental prosthesis. Three months after the implant, the patient started feeling weakness, indisposition for the daily activities, in contrast to her normal behavior, in addition to precocious aging with the wrath of her hair. The chakras energies of both patients were measured through a crystal pendulum. All chakras were energy depleted. Results: In the first case, the patient was instructed to try to remove the implant. Two hours after the removal, the patient presented extreme improvement of the symptoms. The second patient did not remove the implant yet, and continued to present symptoms of low vital energy. Conclusion:  The implantation of metallic material inside the human body, can lead to reduction of vital energy, inducing different symptoms, like depression, according to these two case reports.

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