Assessment of Osteoporosis KAP among women in Assir region, | 17562
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Assessment of Osteoporosis KAP among women in Assir region, Saudi Arabia


Amani A Osman

Osteoporosis is a disease of bones that leads to an increased risk of fracture. In osteoporosis, the b one mineral density (BMD) is reduced. Globally osteopor osis constitutes a public health problem. Researchers have been curious about the true estima te of osteoporosis prevalence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The current study was designed to ass ess the extent of knowledge attitude and practice (KAP) about the disease, among Saudi women. Therefo re, we can decrease the prevalence of the disease. The study was a cross-sectional in design. A valid and reliable questionnaire (OAKT questionnaire) used to asses (KAP) of osteoporosis among women attending health centers in Abha city in Assir region, Saudi Arabia, during the peri od of January 2012 to June 2012 Collection of data done by personal interview, after explain to all pa rticipant the aim of the study, and take their con sent. Evaluation done by giving each correct answer 1 and for wrong and don’t know score of 0, the average baslin osteoporosis cap was core of 8.8 out of 20. Mean ages of the women were 35.7 years. Illiteracy was 42% and single women around one third of the pa rticipant Knowledge score was 3.3 which is very poor. Knowledge and attitude and practice among Sa udi women were very poor and a lot of health education need to be taken.

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