Approaches for Suppressing Seismic Bubble Pulse Reverberatio | 16892
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Approaches for Suppressing Seismic Bubble Pulse Reverberations


Maunde A*, Rufa’I FA, Raji AS and Halilu M

Seismic data processing was carried out with the aimed of suppressing bubble pulse reverberations using different approaches on the acquired seismic dataset that are largely dominated by bubble pulses which conceal useful stratigraphic information. The outputs generated by the different approaches used to suppress the bubble pulses have to do with the underlying principles of each technique. The output of the spiking deconvolution strategy shows a generally higher frequency output compared to the input. The bubble pulses have been suppressed to a very large extent, although some remnants of the pulses can still be seen. The main pulse itself has been simplified from the initial high amplitude and complex pulse to a simpler one. The output of predictive deconvolution has roughly the same frequency content as the input. The output of the surface consistent deconvolution is similar to the output of the corresponding spiking and predictive deconvolution. The output of the trace subtraction method shows a surgically muted dataset. Only portions of the bubble pulses of the sea-bed reflection are removed and some part of the main pulse has been surgically removed as well. The output of the filter generation and application strategy shows a fully defined subsurface layering. The bubble pulses have been completely removed, the main pulse has been reduced to a simpler wavelet thereby improving the temporal resolution of the data. Apart from the multiples, the events left in the data are genuine geological reflections. The filter generation and application method has done better by eliminating the effect of the bubble pulse in the dataset, therefore this method deem suitable for removing the bubble pulse reverberations from the dataset.

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