A critical review on the drug molecule: Anthraquinone | 93866
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A critical review on the drug molecule: Anthraquinone


Devi Priya M*

Background: The world is demanding an increased commercial requirement of various secondary metabolites to cure numerous ailments. Anthraquinones (AQs), is one among them, responsible for the pigmentation of heartwood and bark of many economically valuable plants.  It is a natural red dye having an outstanding curative application, used from time immemorial.

Main body of the abstract: AQs have been identified from various plants, animals and even from microbes. In addition to their use in various pharmacopoeias, it is used in the textile industry, cosmetics, food etc. AQs have always been a fascinating molecule for chemists to synthesize and access diversely substituted derivatives as therapeutic agents.  Its curative efficiency is well utilized in the treatment of various modern diseases and even to Covid 19. Moreover, the AQs exhibit a unique anticancer activity in various cell lines.

Short conclusion: The present work overviews the various effective uses of AQs and highlight its importance in cancer therapy

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