International Research Journal of Library, Information and Archival Studies Vol. 2(2), pp. 38-42, May 2012      
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Full Length Research Paper

The economy of Coagula production in Rubbr Research Institute of Nigeria (RRIN): trend analysis

H.Y Umar1, I.K Ugwa1 and U. Uche2

1Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria, PMB 1049, Benin City, Edo State Nigeria

2Delta State University Abraka, Faculty of Agriculture

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Received 25 March, 2012; Accepted 23 April, 2012



The study was conducted at Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria, Iyanomo, Benin City, Edo State. Data were collected on the production and sales of coagula for the period of eleven years (2001 - 2011) in the Institute for analysis in order to examine the trend movement of the activities. Descriptive statistics were implored for the analysis, and the results indicated that a total of 2,041,954 Kilograms was produced during the period of study; while revenue of ₦ 542,555,720.00 was realized from the sales of this quantity. Fluctuations in the production trend was observed during the period, however, the percentage changes in revenue were positive. This implies that there was stable increase in the price of coagula in the Institute. Recommendations were made for the Institute to expand her rubber plantation size in order to earn more revenue.   


Keywords: Coagula, Natural Rubber, Research Institute, Revenue.