Full Length Research Paper


Prevalence of anxiety and its relationship with self-esteem among Zabol University students, Iran


Asadi Sadeghi Azar I1, Basirani N2, Asadi Bidmeshki E3, Panahi Mirshekar A4, Amirshahi M5, Salehin S6


1Ph.D, Zabol Medical University.

2Ph.D, Geology, Zabol University.

3M.S, Zabol Medical University.

4B.S, Zabol Medical University.

5M.S, Zabol Medical University.

6M.S, Zabol Medical University


*Corresponding author E-mail: n_bassirani@yahoo.com


Received 13 April, 2010; Accepted 12 June, 2010




This study tries to estimate the prevalence of anxiety and its relationship with self-esteem among students at the University of Zabol in Iran. The Cattell Anxiety Inventory and the Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory were used to conduct a cross-sectional study involving 400 students within an age range of 18 to 31. According to the results, the prevalence of anxiety among these students was measured at a level of 83% and a significant negative relationship was found to exist between anxiety and self-esteem as well as between age and anxiety. Females suffered significantly greater anxiety than males and males measured significantly higher on self-esteem than females. A significant positive relationship was also found between income and self-esteem. Other findings included no correlation between age and self-esteem, as well as no association between marital status, level of income or type of location and anxiety.


Keywords: Anxiety, self-esteem, university, students, Zabol, Iran