Full Length Research Paper

Improving educational quality through active-learning pedagogies: A comparison of five case studies

Mark B. Ginsburg 

Academy for Educational Development, Global Education Center, Global Learning Group

Room 868 North 1825 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington, DC 20009 USA.

Emails: mginsburg49@yahoo.com ; mginsburg@aed.org : Tel: 202-669-5196; Fax: 202-884-8408 

Received 20 February, 2010; Accepted 08 April, 2010 


This article describes the call for active-learning pedagogies arising from a range of international organizations. It then outlines key philosophical and theoretical foundations of active-learning pedagogies, which explicitly or, more often, implicitly informed such calls. Next the article introduces the purpose and methods of the comparative case studies, prior to summarizing the findings from five countries (Cambodia, Egypt, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, and Malawi) which served as cases. The findings focus on the national and related international policy discourses, the professional development and other approaches employed to promote active-learning pedagogies, and the outcomes of such efforts. The article concludes by comparing the cases, relating the findings to other studies, and identifying lessons learned for policy and practice. 

Keywords: Educational quality, active learning pedagogies, policy, professional development