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HPLC/DAD/MS phenolic profile, antioxidant activities and inhibitory action of struchium sparganophora (Linn) andtelfairia occidentalis (Hook. F)  Against low density lipoprotein oxidation

*Sule Ola Salawu, David Morakinyo Sanni, Akintunde Afolabi Akindahunsi

Department of Biochemistry, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria

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Received 27 November, 2012; Abstract



The present study sought to investigate the phenolic composition of Struchium sparganophora and Telfairia occidentalis extracts using HPLC/DAD/MS techniques, evaluate their radical scavenging activities and inhibitory action against copper induced human Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) oxidation. The chromatographic analysis revealed the presence of apigenin derivatives, chlorogenic acid and three dicaffeoyl derivatives in Strcuchium sparganophorawhile chlorogenic acid, rutin and three Kaempferol derivatives were identified Telfairia occidentals. ABTS radical scavenging activities and DPPH radical scavenging activities are higher in Telfairia occidentalis compared with Struchium sparjanophora. Also, the total phenolic content was higher in Telfairia occidentalis compared with Strcuchium sparganophora. Similarly, the inhibitory action of the vegetable extracts against copper induced human LDL oxidation showed that Telfairia occidentalis posses a higher inhibitory action (63%) compared with Struchium sparjanophora (55%). Therefore, the antioxidant activities and the ability of the extract to inhibit the copper induced human LDL oxidation shows that the studied vegetables could be harnessed in the management of some coronary and cardiovascular disorders.

Keywords:  Phenolic content, antioxidant activities, LDL oxidation, leafy vegetables.