Journal of Food Science and Technology (ISSN: 2141-5455) Vol. 8(9) pp. 150-161, December , 2017. DOI: http:/ Copyright © 2017 International Research Journals


Full Length Research Paper

Effect of Barrel temperature Feed composition and Feed moisture content on some Functional Properties of Dakuwa extrudates from Blends of Sorghum ((Sorghum bicolour L) Groundnut (Arachis hypogeal L) and Tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus)

M. Yusuf1, M. Halilu2, I. Umar2, K. B. Filli3

1,2,3Department of Food Science and Technology Modibbo Adama University of Technology Yola, PMB 2076 Yola, Nigeria.

3Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Corresponding Author’s  E-mail:

Received  December 2, 2017; Accepted December 23, 2017



Dakuwa is a traditional snack produced from blends of sorghum groundnut and tigernut. A three factor three level full factorial experimental design were adapted to determine the effect of extrusion on some functional properties of dakuwa extrudate using twin screw extruder (SLG 65-III Model). The effects of extrusion variables barrel temperature (900C1000C 1100C) feed composition (50:20:30 50:25:25 50:30:20 ratios of sorghum groundnut to tigernut), feed moisture content (18% 22% 26%) on the water absorption index (WAI); water solubility index (WSI); water hydration capacity (WHC) and viscosity from sorghum groundnut and tigernut raw mixtures and the extruded were studied extrusion significantly increased the water absorption index (WAI) from 2.05 to 2.17; water solubility index WSI from 4.49 to 9.14 and water hydration capacity WHC from 1.05 to 1.54 raw to extrudate while viscosity decreased from 11.60 to 8.33 mpas. The optimum levels of the variables were obtained. The optimal combination of barrel temperature of 900C feed composition of (50:20:30 sorghum groundnut tigernut) and 18% feed moisture resulted in optimal WAI of 2.49g Water perg Sample. The optimal combination of 1100C barrel temperature 50:30:20 feed composition for sorghum groundnut and tigernut and 22% feed moisture resulted in optimal WSI of 12.13%. The optimal combination of 1000C barrel temperature (50:30:20 feed composition for sorghum groundnut and tigernut) and 26% feed moisture resulted in optimal WHC of 4.95%. The optimal combination of 900C barrel temperature (50:20:30 feed composition sorghum groundnut tigernut) and 18% feed moisture resulted in optimal viscosity of 9.23mpa.


Keywords: Sorghum, groundnut, tigernut, extrusion, optimization, ‘dakuwa’, water absorption index, water solubility index, water hydration capacity, viscosity.