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Dosimetric evaluation due to radiation in thyroid issued by Tc99m and I131

*Vásquez AM1, Castillo DC2, Vasquez DJ3 , Rocha MD4, García RW5

National University of Trujillo. Av. Juan Pablo II s/n, Trujillo, Perú1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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The absorbed dose in the thyroid uptake studies is estimated, by analysis of the biokinetics of radiopharmaceuticals containing the I-131 (iodide) or Tc- 99m (pertechnetate) Using the MIRD formalism and Cristy-Eckerman representation for adult thyroid patients, demonstrated that the dose absorbed by the gland due to emissions of I-131(iodide) is self - dose and is given by 340.9 mGy / MBq ; dosimetric contribution of organs that are part of its bio kinetics (excluding thyroid) is not significant in the estimated dose.The absorbed dose to the gland due to emissions of Tc-99mTc (pertechnetate) is 0.0234 mGy / MBq; 7.6% are organ dosimetry contributions that are part of its biokinetics (excluding thyroid), and is very significant in the estimated doses to be ignored.

Keywords: MIRD dosimetry, Cristy-Eckerman phantom, thyroid uptake, iodide and pertechnetate.