Educational Research (ISSN:2141-5161) Vol. 1(8), pp. 239-245 September 2010         
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Full Length Research paper

Development of environmental literacy scale for prospective teachers

Tuncay Özsevgeç, Hüseyin Artunb,   Lale Cerrah Özsevgeça

aDepartment of Primary Teacher Education, Fatih Faculty of Education, Karadeniz Technical University, 61335, Trabzon, Turkey.

bDepartment of Science and Technology Education,  Karadeniz Technical University, 61335, Trabzon, Turkey 

*Corresponding author E-mail: ; Tel: (0090) 462 3777243 Fax: (0090) 462 2487344.

Received 01 July, 2010; Accepted 13 August, 2010


With this study, a standard scale whose validation and reliability were tested will be contributed to literature in order to determine environmental literacy of prospective teachers.  A case study was used as a research method. The data was gathered with 187 prospective teachers randomly selected from the different teacher education departments. In terms of the construct validity of the Environmental Literacy Scale for explanatory analysis, principal component analysis was used. At the end of the research, scale consisted 24 items.  Cronbach Alpha was calculated as .86 and scale accounted for 54.36% of total variance. Environmental literacy of prospective teachers can be determined with the standardization of the scale under four sub-scales which are “Environmental Responsibility”, “The Balance of the Nature”, “Affective Environment”, and “Environmental Activities”.

Keywords: Environmental literacy, teacher education, prospective teacher, scale development