Educational Research (ISSN:2141-5161) Vol. 2(1), pp. 790-802 January 2011        
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Constructing an Emotional Intelligence Radar for Indian School Students

Shamira Malekar1* and R. P. Mohanty2

1Aruna Manaharlal Shah Institute of Management and Research

2Research Head and Dean - ITM Group of Institutions 

*Corresponding author Email: 

Received 16 September, 2010; Accepted 15 December, 2010 


 Emotional Intelligence (EI) is now being recognized as an important field of research, development, and applications. This research puts forth an effort to synthesize and integrate some of the major findings of some studies on emotional intelligence and personal skills, as they relate to the goals of education and human development. The main goal of these studies is to provide a coherent and practical approach to human emotional behavior that students can learn and apply to stay healthy both physically and mentally, think of career progression, and enhance individual and collective productivity. This paper aims at constructing cluster based on the scores of EI, its factors, communication scores and many other variables for a student’s data of 5464 (age group 9 – 14 years). Cluster analysis lead to formation of an EI radar and EI Competency ladder to increase the propensity of researchers, academicians, students and their parents to improve their EI scores.


Keywords: Radar, emotional intelligence; intrapersonal ability; interpersonal ability; adaptability; ability models; trait models.