Community sensitization through indigenous music: gossip girls musical performance in Nnerim in Imo state as a paradigm

Akas Nicholas Chielotam

Theatre Arts Department, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria


Received June 20, 2013; Accepted 26 June , 2013


Indigenous traditional music is sustained by oral traditions that are stylistically distinct from the music of western cultures. In traditional African setting, the joy of every indigene is to have a source of cultural identification when placed side by side with other indigenous traditions based on their cultural norms and values. The act of cultural identification can be in various forms like; music, dance, costumes, make-up, drums, food and life styles. But in traditional settings, the elements of cultural identification especially in indigenous musical performances is oftentimes seen as a mere form of entertainment only during festive season, special ceremonies and otherwise. In contemporary rural setting, indigenous music goes beyond that, rather they stand as indispensable tools for positive propaganda, communal unification and reawaking of indigenous socio-cultural consciousness. But the perfect interweaving of entertainment, creative ingenuity and communicative essence in indigenous musical performance both in form and style, x-rays the contextual implication of music as a corrective motive and transformative tool for the sensitization of the community and no longer art for art sake only. This paper therefore will look at the Gossip girls’ musical performance in Nnerim community in Imo state as a reflective pointer towards the sensitization of the community.

Keywords: Indigenous traditional music, community sensitization, Nnerim, Imo state