Full Length Research Paper

Application of computer based resources in Geography education in secondary schools

Joseph Osodo1, Francis Chisikwa Indoshi1, Omolo Ongati2

1Department of Educational Communication, Technology and Curriculum Studies, Maseno University, Private Bag, Maseno, Kenya.

2Department of Mathematics, Maseno University, Private Bag, Maseno, Kenya.

*Corresponding author E-mail: findoshi@yahoo.com

Received 11 July, 2010; Accepted 09 August, 2010


Several schools in the developing countries face escalating demands on access to finite computer based resources in teaching and learning. Perennial lack of access to relevant educational computer hardware and software often impede geographic instruction in many institutions. In Kenya, there is increased advocacy and adoption of computer resources in Geography education. Yet the context for this implementation has not been examined as to its potency thereby leaving the innovation to chance. The purpose of the study was to establish the availability, extent and potential utilization of computer based resources in Geography education in secondary schools. The design of the study was descriptive surveys that were conducted in Kisumu District of Nyanza Province, Kenya. The study targeted 240 secondary school teachers and 3500 form three high school students. Simple random sampling technique was used to select a sample of 80 teachers and 1165 form three Geography students. Questionnaire surveys were used to collect data. To ascertain reliability, the test-retest reliability procedure was performed. Analysis of data was done by use of descriptive statistics. The study found that no school in Kisumu District had computers dedicated for teaching and learning Geography and computer use for unrelated duties was minimal, uncoordinated and lacking in innovation. The study recommended that it is of necessity to motivate, facilitate and equip secondary school Geography students and teachers with requisite knowledge and expertise on innovative computer uses.

Keywords: Computer based-resources, geographic instruction, availability, utilization.