Journal of Research in Peace, Gender and Development

Journal Research in Peace, Gender and Development (JRPGD) Vol. 4(6) pp. 104-110, September, 2014 . DOI: http:/ Copyright © 2014 International Research Journals             



Gender and political participation in Nigeria: a cultural perspective

1Olu Awofeso PhD and Temitayo Isaac Odeyemi2*

1,*2Department of Political Science, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

*Corresponding authors e-mail:,;

Tel:+2348023930309, +2347065260752



Political participation is a voluntary act which encompasses wide range of political activities, including voting at election, contesting for political and party offices, attending political rallies, joining political parties and many more. Although, these political activities are considered to be "free zone" to all qualified citizens, especially in liberal democracies irrespective of disparities in wealth, education and gender, experiences in African countries generally and Nigeria in particular show that certain cultural values have systematically over the years impeded female gender from participating in politics, at least to a certain degree which to some extent tend to re-define the tenets of participatory democracy. With convincing data, the paper unveils the extent these cultural values have impeded the female folks from participating in politics in Nigeria and proposes alternative suggestions. 

Keywords: Participation, politics, election, gender and political parties

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