Journal of Research in Peace, Gender and Development

Journal Research in Peace, Gender and Development (JRPGD) Vol. 4(4) pp. 63-69, July, 2014 . DOI: http:/ Copyright © 2014 International Research Journals             



Intercommunity Relations and the Politics of Identity in the Nso Chiefdom, Bamenda Grassfields, Cameroon

Joseph Nfi

University of Buea, Cameroon


Received January 15, 2014; Accepted January 27, 2014



Based largely on archival sources, this paper examines the changing intercommunity relations that resulted from attempts to create a single polity or administrative unit out of people who had formed separate entities with different languages and customs but who entertained various relations between themselves in pre-colonial times. The paper reveals that the politics of identity in the Nso State fluctuated from cooperation when the Noni and Nso communities tended to stress on similarities and respect for each others privileges and to conflict when customs and interests clashed and when differences were real. The study concludes that the solution to the conflict had to be the recognition of the different Noni cultural identity.

Keywords: Politics, Identity, Intercommunity, Nso, Noni, Bamenda and Grassfields

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