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Training evaluation: A case of employee training and development within the service industries in Nigeria

Dr. Chika Ugoji*1 and  Dr. Chima Mordi2

*1University of Wales, UK

2Brunel University, London, UK

*Corresponding authors e-mail:

Accepted March 4, 2014



In the mist of the current economic meltdown there is decreasing interest on the willingness for organizations to spend money especially on training and development. There is need to justify the commitment of resource on employee training and development through evaluation and review. The major aim of training evaluation is to determine the effectiveness of the component of training and development programs. Most of the service organisations in developing economies which Nigeria is part of has given little or no attention to training evaluations. This study investigates the evaluation of training and development within the service industries in Nigeria. Achieving a positive outcome from training and development programs is a very good level motivation for the employees. Also, the study will evaluate the perceptions of training evaluation from the perspective of the major three stakeholders responsible for training that is; the management, trainers and more importantly the participants of the training (workers). This study will present findings on training evaluations from the analysis based on the questionnaire presented on the data collected.  The key issue to be discussed in this paper includes; training needs assessment, reasons for training evaluations focusing on Kirkpatrick four level model of training evaluation, and other review of literature relating to the concept of training and development. Finally, based on the outcome of the investigation carried through questionnaire methods of data collection, this study will present the analysis and findings.

Keywords- Training, Development, Evaluation models, Human Resource Development, Organization and Nigeria

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