Journal of Research in International Business and Management

Journal of Research in International Business and Management (JRIBM) (ISSN: 2251-0028) Vol. 4(2) pp. 37-44, April, 2014. DOI: http:/ Copyright © 2014 International Research Journals



An Investigation into training and development techniques, prospects and challenges in Nigerian Banks

*1Chika Ugoji, 2Chima Mordi and 3Hakeem Ajonbadi 

*1University of Wales

2Brunel University, UK

3Kwara State University, Nigeria

*Corresponding authors e-mail:



This article explores employee training practices in Nigerian Banks. The study focussed on key training techniques by critically examining strengths and weaknesses of current training methods, their prospects, challenges and ways to improve current training approaches. The article utilised an exploratory qualitative approach based on in-depth interviews with sixty-one junior and middle managers. The research highlights that Nigerian banks utilise conventional trainining training techniques, however E-training although utilised has often been adopted at a low level. There are several challenges with training  in Nigerian banks including cost, attendance, and failure to align training with employee needs.  which is training an employee on what he/she needs and not what is needed. The study demonstrates the need for top management, line managers and employees to see the seriousness of training in developing employees.

Keywords: Training, Development, Techniques, Banks, Prospects, Challenges.

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