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Journal of Research in Hospitality, Tourism and Culture Vol. 3(1) pp. 001-010, March 2016. DOI: http:/ Copyright © 2016 International Research Journals


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What satisfies tourists in cultural heritage sites? Evidence of Zanzibar stone town

*Issa Seif Salim and Lufumbi J. Mwaipopo

1CEO of Zanzibar overseas services

2University of Dares Salaam Business School

*Corresponding author’s E-mail:

Received February 2, 2016; Accepted March 23, 2016



Several countries have engaged in capitalizing on a portfolio of recurring cultural heritage sites to achieve a higher degree of tourist satisfaction. Previous research contributes to the lack of consensus on the attributes that influence tourist satisfaction. A qualitative study was used to show different tourism stakeholders the kind of attributes that can satisfy tourists, focusing on the cultural heritage capital of Stone Town in Zanzibar. The results revealed that 53 attributes have a major impact on tourist satisfaction and were clustered into eight distinct groups. The findings of this research will help tourism decision makers to exploit cultural tourism opportunities and formulate appropriate management strategies that will make Zanzibar the most appealing destination. The study has implications for tourism practitioners who are always interested in improving service quality and meeting customers’ needs, so as to meet and even exceed their expectations. However, the need for future research in order to obtain more knowledge on this neglected area is also discussed.


Keywords: Tourist Satisfaction, Cultural Heritage Sites, Cultural Capital, Zanzibar Stone Town 

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