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Comparative investigation of heavy organics precipitation from crude oil using binary mixtures and single N-alkane organic solvents

*Udourioh Godwin A, Ibezim-Ezeani M.I, Ofodile S.E

Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Sciences, University of Port Harcourt, P. M. B. 5323 Choba, Nigeria.

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Binary mixtures and single n-alkane organic solvents were used to precipitate heavy organics from a solution of crude oil residue to investigate the comparative effects of compositional changes. The results obtained show that under the same condition, single C5, C6 and C7 n-alkane solvent yielded 11.19±0.90, 5.24±0.32 and 0.97±0.05 weight percent precipitate whereas 1:1 v/v ratio binary mixture of C5:C6, C5:C7 and C6:C7 yielded 8.53±0.80, 4.51±0.65 and 3.39±0.59 respectively. Single n-alkane solvents show a decrease in the quantity of precipitate as the carbon number of the precipitant increases. Binary mixtures solvent also show a decrease in the quantity of precipitate with increase quantity of the higher carbon number in the mixtures. Single n-alkane solvents recorded maximum precipitation at 30ml/g precipitant volume and beyond this volume, the percentage precipitate remained constant. Maximum precipitation for 1:1 v/v ratio binary mixture was recorded at 30ml total solvent per gram of oil, after which the percentage precipitate reduced and reached a minimum value at 70ml/g, beyond this volume, the quantity of precipitate remained constant. Binary mixture precipitation has recorded an average minimal quantity of precipitate. It has apparently demonstrated real life precipitation problem since crude oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbon which contains different n-alkanes at varied ratios. It is therefore, important to approach heavy organic precipitation and deposition problems by laboratory precipitation of heavy organics with mixtures of n-alkane solvents.

Keywords: Heavy Organics, Binary mixtures, Precipitates, Crude oil, N-alkane.

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