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Determinants of risk perception and attitude of people living with HIV/AIDS towards re-infection in Ogun state, Nigeria

Amoran O. E.

Department of Community Medicine and Primary Care, College of Health Sciences, Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital, Sagamu, Nigeria.




The prevention and control of HIV infection depends on the prevention of new infections and treating currently infected individuals thus emphasize the importance of prevention of HIV re-infection in PLWAs. This study was therefore, designed to assess determinants of risk perception and attitude of the People Living with HIV/AIDS and attending secondary health facilities in Ogun State, Nigeria towards HIV re-infection. This study is an analytical cross-sectional study. A total sample of people living with HIV/AIDS attending secondary health facilities in Ogun State were recruited into the study. A total of 637 were interviewed, only 104 [16.3%] respondents were on antiretroviral therapy Almost all [93.6%] of the study participants had adequate knowledge of HIV/AIDS infection. Majority [76.6%] of the study participants believe that they can be re-infected with HIV infection. Significantly more of those that believe that they are at risk of re-infection use condom at the last sexual act [OR=1.21 [1.11-1.32]. Predictors of risk perception were individuals who were never married [OR=1.28, CI=1.12-1.47], had more than one sexual partner [OR=1.44, C.I=1.09-1.91] inadequate knowledge of HIV/AIDS re-infection [OR=0.56, C.I=0.37-0.85] and non-substance use [OR=0.52, C.I=0.33-0.84]. The study implies that risk perception translated into safer sex practices and the use of condom, and that trust is the main barrier to safe sex and risk perception with intimate partners. Interventions on health education for PLWAs should focus on acceptance of safe sex practices including condom use by emphasising transmission risks in order to convince them on their susceptibility.  

Keywords: Risk perception, re-infection, attitude, PLWHAs, Nigeria.

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