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Short Communication

Detection level of urea, sugar, creatinine and hematology in patients of diabetic mellitus type II 

Ishraq Abdul Amir Saleh Almamory

College of Science for Women, Babylon University, Al-Hilla City, Babylon, Iraq.; Tel: 0647807268055



This work was applied on 65 Diabetes mellitus type II patients  admitted to the Mergane Hospetale and40 apparently health controls with age range (30-60 years),collected blood sample from patients. The result parameters showing that there is a significantly increased (p< 0.05) in sugar (180.22)  compared to control in group (80.543) in age 61-70 year  while there is a significantly increased (p< 0.05) in urea (39.14 )  compared  to control in group 51-60  years appears 31.55. This study aims at evaluating the parameters of the levels of PCV, WBC,HB were determined. The parameters showing that there is a significantly increased (p< 0.05) in WBC in Diabetes mellitus patients (10231) compared to control group (5500) and where as HB and PCV levels decreases in their value specially with age between (41-50). The aim of our study is to measure serum urea and creatinine levels in diabetes and control and to establish relationship of blood sugar level with urea and creatinine levels. The study concluded that femal are more susceptible to infection with Diabetes  mellitus  than male and chronisity of the disease is directly associated with age increase.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, sugar, urea, creatin, PCV, WBC and Hb.

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