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Inquiry on the global (post) crisis versus humankind wisdom as a turning point: Does the generosity-creativity-solidarity triad matter?


Nicolae Bulz1*, Larry Stapleton2, Jozef B. Lewoc3, Laszlo Z. Karvalics, Mihaela Buia5Ana Bazac6

1National Defence College, Sos. Panduri no. 68-72, s.5, Bucharest, Romania, World Economy Institute / NERI/ Romanian Academy, Center for Strategic Economic Studies, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, Interdisciplinary Research Group / Romanian Academy structures.

2Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, Republic of Ireland.

3BPBiT Leader, Wroclaw, Poland.

4University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary.

5Ecological University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania.

6Politechnica University Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania.

*Corresponding Authors E-mail:; Tel: +4021-6675321 

Accepted 31 June, 2012



The humankind wisdom is supposed to be a related and open-deeper turning point. An equivalent type of statement may be referred to generosity, creativity, solidarity. Homo Sapiens, as a species, is distinguished clearly from other species by their socio-cultural nature, drawing on a deep inner universe of cultural meanings and values which inform both individual and group behaviours - within wisdom turning point. These meanings are created phenomenologically in the gestalt of consciousness, framed in the context of deep value-systems which shift as a result of psychological, biological (and existential) realities. Recent research has begun to uncover the complex waves and patterns associated with these shifts. They indicate a dynamically stable system which underpins human activity at the level of both the individual and the civilisation. In this context, the technology is an intercourse of the cultural materialisation of our civilisation and its material nature as a cultural meaning needs interactive and iterative exploration: explanation and understanding. This study presents at least six concordant directions - in order to proof, at least, the utility of both explanation and understanding: social-networking and virtual space; Eastern European “power of people” and behaviour of technology providers; innovative knowledge and knowledge management; generosity in  knowledge; complex process of better organizing diversity; subtle outlook upon the network of sciences vs. systemic and cybernetic knowingness; toward Consciousness Society and future prospect for the e-World. On in this way, can we really begin to understand the trajectory (or multiple trajectories) of our current civilisation, of a deeper humankind wisdom, with all its new connectivities and disconnectivities mediated as they are through information and other technologies?


Keywords: Complex process of better organizing diversity, cyclical and rhythm processes, generosity in knowledge, Generosity-Creativity-Solidarity triad, deeper humankind wisdom, Eastern European “power of people” and behaviour of technology providers, innovative knowledge and  knowledge management, network of sciences vs. systemic and cybernetic knowingness, possibilities to (re)form possibilities, (re)structured complex entities, social-networking and virtual space, toward Consciousness Society and future prospect for the e-World.

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