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International Research Journal Plant Science Vol. 1(4), pp.069-074  October  2010         
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The morphological and anatomical properties of gypsophila lepidioides boiss (caryophyllaceae) endemic to Turkey

Canan Özdemir1, Mustafa Özkan2, Ali Kandemir3

1Celal Bayar University, Faculty of Science and Art, Department of Biology, Manisa /Turkey

 2Ahi Evran University, Faculty of Science and Art, Department of Biology, Kırşehir/Manisa

 3Erzincan University, Education Faculty, Department of Biology, Erzincan/Turkey.

*Corresponding author Email:

 Received  13 July, 2010; Accepted 9  August  2010


Gypsophila lepidioides Boiss. has a very nice appearance with white flowers, which is a local endemic species for Turkey and categorized as data defficient.  The present study is based on the morphological and anatomical investigation of Gypsophila lepidioides. The inflorescence is panicle with many branches, bearing congested, many flowered cymules. The plant taxon was restricted to the gypsum steppe. The anatomical properties of the root, stem and leaves are described. It is determined that the root, stem and leaves are filled with a lot of druse crystals.

Keywords: Gypsophila lepidioides, morphology, anatomy, data defficient

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