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Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of aqueous extract of medicinal preparation constitute of three plants in the rat wistar

*Okémy Andissa N, Mouankié J. B, Abena A.A, Gbeassor M

1Laboratory of Biochmical and  Pharmacology, Faculty of Sciences and Health, Marien NGOUABI,University of Congo

2Cerfoplam, University of Lomé, B.P. 1515, Lomé-Togo

*Corresponding author’s email:

Received March 17, 2015;  Accepted May 8, 2015



Aqueous extract of  an preparation constitute of  three medicinal plants  produced a significant  reduction in wistar rats volume edema induced by carrageenan 2%, and an increase granuloma formation induced by implantation of cotton pellet under the under the aponevrose of the posterior leg of wistar rats. This extract of the preparation, without limit none dose dependently vascular permeability (100 mg / kg), also blocked the migration of leukocytes to the inflammation site and shows a significant antioxidant activity. Phytochemical study revealed the presence in this extract of flavonoïds, tannins and saponins which could support the anti-inflammatory effect. The proposed formulation with this aqueous extract is also active in acute inflammation.


Key words: Preparation, Medicinal plants, Treatment, anti inflammatory.



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