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International Research Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 4(6), pp.112-116, June 2013         
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Nutritional and elemental analysis of warankasi (fermented milk product) sold in Lagos metropolis

*1Lawal A.K, 2Adedeji O.M.

*1Department of Biotechnology, Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi.

2Department of Biological Sciences, Covenant University, Ota.

*Corresponding   Author's   E-mail:   

Received June 3, 2013; Accepted June 11, 2013


An investigation was carried out to determine the nutritional and elemental analysis of warankasi (fermented milk product) sold in three (3) market locations Mushin, iyan-oba and Oshodi. Studies on the physicochemical parameters of pH and %lactic acid for warankasi in all the various locations ranged from 4.8-5.2 and 0.232%-0.270% respectively. The moisture, ash, protein, fats and carbohydrate content ranged as 63.6%-68.4%,6.4%-7.2%, 20.13%-21.09%, 3.0%-5.2% and 1.11%-4.27% respectively in all the various location studied. Mineral content of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron (mg/100g) for samples obtained from Mushin was 6.82, 3.29, 10.07, 5.00, 5.63 respectively; and for samples obtained from Iyan-oba, it was 5.2, 2.63, 8.79, 4.65, and 4.38 respectively; and for samples obtained from Oshodi, was 6.37, 2.23, 9.07, 12, and 5.00 respectively. The significance of the nutrients and elements found in warankasi is discussed.


 Keywords: Warankasi, physicochemical, nutritional, elemental, lactic acid.

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