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International Research Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 4(6), pp.106-111, June 2013         
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Modeling of biodiesel reactor using fuzzy logic

1*Sastry SVAR, 2Ramachandra Murthy Ch.V, 3Madhavi Latha B

1Senior Asst. Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, M.V.G.R. College of Engineering, Vizianagaram

2Professor and Principal, Andhra University College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam

3M.Tech Student, Chemical Engineering Dept., M.V.G.R. College of Engineering, Vizianagaram

*Corresponding Author E-mail:

Received May 16, 2013; Accepted June 11, 2013


Transesterification reaction is reaction carried out by varying different parameters, like ratio of methyl alcohol to oil, amount of catalyst in reaction, temperature and stirring on the reaction; to find the beat conversion of oil to biodiesel. This reaction is replacement of alcohol group from an ester by another alcohol. Fuzzy logic is applied to the transesterification reaction studies and the result is compared with experimental results.


Keywords: Biodiesel, transesterfication, reaction, rate-equation, parmeters, fuzzylogic.


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