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Adsorbent in bioremediation of crude oil polluted environment: influence of physicochemical characteristics of various saw dusts

*Ukpaka CP and Edwin Ibiso

Department of Chemical, Petrochemical Engineering, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, P.M.B. 5080  Nkpolu-Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

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The study of the effect of physicochemical parameters of various sawdusts on the bioremediation of crude oil polluted water environment was carried out to determine the level of adsorption rate of crude oil in water bodies.  Various particle size of sawdust were used 0.5 mm, 1.18 mm, 2.80 mm, 3.35 mm and 6.30 mm and the rate of adsorption in order of magnitude is 6.30 mm > 3.35 mm > 2.80 mm >1.18 mm > 0.5 mm for palm tree <mango < bamboo sawdust as revealed in the research work. The results obtained revealed that moisture content influence the rate of adsorption of the crude oil as well as microbial activity for the various samples studied. The microorganisms present in the different sawdust’s were isolated and identified as Bacillus species with total bacteria count of 1.60 x 106 cell/ml, 1.28 x 106 cell/ml and 1.4 x 106 cell/ml for mango, bamboo and palm tree sawdust.  The experimental data obtained from the research was used in simulating the developed mathematical model which leads to the computation of the specific rate of adsorption and the determination of the maximum specific rate of adsorption and the equilibrium rate of the system.  These were achieved by the application of LineWeaver Burk plot principle and findings indicate that all the various sawdust used for the studies are capable of enhancing bioremediation of polluted environment in both surface and underground water (salt water river and underground water from tap) were sampled for this research work.

Keywords: Adsorbent, bioremediation, crude oil, sawdust, environment, physicochemical. 


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