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Application of combined multiplex-PCR and RT-LAMP to detect Dengue Fever, from clinically infected patients in Surabaya, Indonesia

P.H. Hamid1*, A. Widyasari2, Purwati2, A.N. Krediastuti3

*1Veterinary Medicine, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2Department of Internal Medicine, Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya, Indonesia

3Faculty of Medicine, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia

*Corresponding Author`s Email:



Dengue virus is an important Flavivirus causing Dengue fever, a substantial public health cases in Indonesia. This article reported the application of multiplex PCR and RT-LAMP to detect Dengue virus from suspected infected-patients hospitalized in Dr. Soetomo hospital, Surabaya. In this study both RT-PCR and RT-LAMP could provide a definitive results for less than 2 h of work. Therefore, this experiment showed that the method could be applied for Dengue virus circulating from field samples and be used as routine laboratory testing or further epidemiology study. 

Keywords: Dengue, detection, RT-PCR, RT-LAMP, Indonesia


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