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Awareness, availability and utilization of open source software in Nigerian libraries: the way forward

Ukachi  Ngozi  Blessing

University of Lagos Library, Akoka- Yaba, Lagos.

E-mail:; Tel: 234-8033269080

Received 03 January 2012; Accepted 25 January 2012



This descriptive survey study was conducted with the main objective of identifying the level of awareness, extent of use, challenges and prospects of the use of open source software in Nigerian libraries. Questionnaire was the main instrument used for data collection. The data collected was subjected to descriptive statistical analysis using simple percentages and frequency counts. The result of the study which listed 19 different OSS revealed that most librarians in Nigeria have limited awareness on the availability of the varying OSS hence, do not significantly utilize them in their libraries. Out of the 42 libraries involved in the study, only 7 are presently using CD/ISIS while 5 others utilize KOHA. The study also identified some inhibitors to include that the management does not see the use of the software in those sections as relevant (54.8%), fear of service support problems (64.3%), and unavailability of Internet access in the libraries to enable downloading of software 61.9%. Recommendations such as embracing the “Sister Libraries” programme, engaging in continued professional development, joining concerned software’s user group and contacting colleagues who are knowledgeable about the software were made.


Keywords: Open Source Software, Library services provision, Software awareness, Availability, Utilization, Nigeria

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