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Optimal sliding mode control of the pendubot

*Djamila Zehar1 and Khier Benmahammed2

*1Electromechanic Department, University Mohamed Elbachir Elibrahimi of Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria

2LSI laboratory, University Ferhat Abbas of Setif, Algeria

*Corresponding  Author  E- mail:

Received March 30, 2013; Accepted April 17, 2013 


The main objective of this work it was the control of the pendubot, which is a second order underactuated system, belongs to the second class, using an optimal incremental sliding mode control, where the system is decomposed in two sub systems and the chosen sliding surfaces are linearly related. In order to optimize the parameters of these surfaces we introduce the linear matrix inequality (LMI) approach which has been exploited against the problems in the forme Lyapunov function that can be transformed to a form of LMI problem. The simulation results have shown the efficiency of this control, the system could be stable and could follow perfectly the desired trajectory, so we were able to resolve the general and known problem of swing of the pendubot.

Keywords: Pendubot, underactuated system, sliding mod control, optimality, stability, tracking.


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