International Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Systems


Data collection techniques a guide for researchers in humanities and education 

Lawal Iro Sani Cln

Department of library and information Science, Ummaru Musa Ya’radu’a University, Katsina State, Nigeria


Received March 21, 2013; Accepted April 17, 2013


This paper is on data collection techniques. These are instruments that a researcher used in order to obtain data from the respondents. Various data collection instruments were discussed. Like observation method, questionnaire and interview method were all discussed. The paper did not take position, on which method is the best, this, is left to the potential researcher to choose. The use of journals, books and online sources was used in gathering the materials presented. It is hoped that, potential researcher from both the humanities and education faculties would make use of the information in selecting the instrument that will best suit their research.

Keywords: Questionnaire method, Interview method, Observation method.


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