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Sorting’ in examinations: Evaluating the quality of assessment in Universities in Cameroon

Agborbechem, Peter Tambi

Faculty of Education University of Buea- Cameroon

Corresponding author email:

Received February 25, 2015;  Accepted March 18, 2015



Society tends to attribute much doubt about the quality of graduates to the activities that are taking place in universities in Cameroon. Greatest amongst such activities is examination malpractice. Recently, a new trend in examination malpractice that is struggling to gain grounds especially in Cameroon Universities is ‘sorting’. The purpose of this study was to find out psychosocial factors that influence students’ tendencies towards ‘sorting’ in Universities. To achieve this purpose, a questionnaire was administered to 338 students in Universities in Cameroon. Four hypotheses were formulated in their null form and tested at 0.05 level of significance. Based on the results of the study, the researcher recommended the encouragement of inter-University course examination unions that could collaborate to take care of the construction and scoring of course examinations. More intensive counseling services were also recommended for both students and lecturers while severe sanctions were also recommended for perpetrators of ‘sorting’


Key word: Sorting, grade falsification.






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