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Analysis of determinant  factors of success supervising elementary school teachers post certified

Sri Utaminingsih*1, Sutama2

*1Lecturer, Muria Kudus University

2Lecturer, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta

*Correspondence to: Sutama: email;



The aim of this research is to analyze the determinant factors for post certified teacher mentoring in Demak Indonesia. The problem is how to influences of motivation, abilities and attitudes of teachers toward success supervising supervisor through the methods and supervision principles for post certified teachers at the primary school. This research is expected to benefit the supervising wisdom of post certified teacher primary school teachers. Using purposive proportional sampling methods for  the sample setting, and the number of the sample are 285 teachers with location in Demak, Indonesia. The analysis methods is path analysis with  quantitative research method paradigm. The research findings are: the  determinant factor of models are fitted with the empirical data in the field; the  exogenous variables such as:  motivation of teachers, teachers ' skills, and attitude of supervisors has direct and indirect influence to the supervision successful  through the techniques and principles of supervision. Contribution of the motivation is 10 %; teachers ' skills is  9%;  attitudes of supervisors  45%,  and the rest percentage is influenced by other factors. The conclusion is  the model factors  of determination post certified teacher accepted, because the theoretical models structure is fit or with the data in the field. Suggestions or recommendations is need to combine the elements of motivation in the construction of the teacher profesionalism.  

Keywords: Analysis, supervise,  teacher,  post certified.

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