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Evaluation of professional development of MIS teachers in Jordan

1Ahmed Thawabieh, 2Razan Al-Hadidi, 3David Balwanz

1Educational Psychology Department, Educational Sciences Faculty. Tafila Technical University P.O. Box (82) Naour 11710 Jordan.

2Evaluation and Knowledge Management Coordinator, ERfKE Support Project.

3Research and Program Officer, Academy for Educational Development, USA.

*Corresponding author email :

Received 20 July, 2011; Accepted 11 September, 2011.


This study aimed to evaluate the impact of professional of MIS Teachers in Jordan. The findings of the study indicated that; three-quarters of Teachers, Principals and MIS supervisors agree that the MIS professional development seminars met expectations, however nearly 75% of teachers indicate that to become better teachers they required more professional development. Students and teachers in all schools indicate that limited access to or availability of technology resources, including computers, labs and the internet was a hindrance in the implementation of the MIS curriculum.


Keywords: Teacher, Students, school, Professional Development.

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