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Home Science Education in Kenya: The need for review

Karen Nyambura Nyangara1, *Francis Chisikwa Indoshi1, Lucas O. Othuon2

1Department of Educational Communication, Technology and Curriculum Studies, Maseno University, P. O. Box 333, Maseno, Kenya.

3Department of Educational Psychology, Maseno University, P. O. Box 333, Maseno, Kenya.

*Corresponding author E-mail:

Received 21 September, 2010; Accepted 13 October, 2010


While Home Science education in Kenya has been reviewed each time there has been a commission of inquiry into the curriculum in Kenya, the framework, and therefore, the methodology for review have remained relatively unchanged over the years. The literature indicates that the country has always relied on a group of experts to review educational provision and make recommendations on the way forward. The input of stakeholders, especially teachers is not given much prominence. Reasons for review of the curriculum have focused on the quest for relevance and quality in line with both the development and educational goals of the country at various stages. Changes made have affected the content, organization and evaluation of Home Science to some extent. The purpose of this study was therefore to evaluate the way in which Home Science education in Kenya has been previously reviewed and to document the resultant changes.

Keywords: Home Science Curriculum, policy, evaluation

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