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Emergent literacy skills of three, young Chinese-English bilingual children

Yanhui Pang

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, USA. Email:,

Received 23 July, 2010; Accepted 02 September, 2010


With the increased number of English Language Learners (ELLs) enrolled in U.S. public schools, bilingual instruction has become a very hot topic in recent years, and the importance and the necessity of bilingual education has been realized by researchers. This study focuses on three young English-Chinese bilingual children, their language, social, emotional and self-care development. Through the observation of three young English-Chinese bilingual learners and interview with their caregivers, it is found that all these young children have made remarkable progress in both English and Mandarin development before they turned three. Creating a literacy rich environment, caregivers’ guidance and tutoring, and grandparents’ involvement all account for the progress. Recommendations are provided on how to help young ELLs develop a balance in English and their native language.

Keywords: bilingual education, English-Chinese instruction, young bilingual learners

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