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Educational Research (ISSN:2141-5161) Vol. 3(11), pp. 873-878, November, 2012         
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Achieving equity in education in Kenya: some preliminary thoughts

1James Alan Oloo* and 2Anthony Wando Odek

1University of Regina, Canada

2St Paul’s University, Kenya

*Corresponding        Author      E-mail:

Received 24 October, 2012; Accepted 13 November, 2012


Education has historically been viewed as an effective way of reducing socioeconomic disadvantage (Oloo, 2010). This is because quality education is capable of empowering and creating more opportunities for less advantaged children and improving their chances for success in life as adults. While access to primary education has been enhanced in Kenya since the introduction of free primary education, achievement gap between students from rich and poor families in the standardized Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination has persisted. Using extended literature review, this study explores education inequity in Kenya. It recommends that the government of Kenya promote early childhood learning among children from low socioeconomic backgrounds, overhaul its admission policies to secondary schools, and revise its education funding formula.


Keywords: Education inequity, standardized tests, Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, achievement gaps, socioeconomic status.

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