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Induction needs of beginning teachers in public primary schools in Kenya: a case study of Bungoma east and north districts 

Enose M.W. Simatwa

Department of Educational Management and Foundation, Maseno University.


Received  20 October, 2010; Accepted  29 October, 2010


This study investigated induction needs of beginning teachers in public primary schools in Bungoma East and North districts, Kenya. The study used descriptive survey research design. The study population consisted of 228 head teachers, 228 deputy head teachers and 238 beginning teachers in 228 public primary schools in the two districts. Proportionate stratified sampling was used to sample 204 head teachers, 204 deputy head teachers and 113 beginning teachers. Two instruments were used for the study. These were questionnaires and in-depth interviews. Qualitative data was transcribed and analyzed on an on-going process as themes and sub-themes emerged. Quantitative data was analyzed by use of descriptive statistics inform of percentages, frequency counts and means. The findings of the study showed that beginning teachers should be inducted in the following areas; knowledge of school policies; how to adapt rapidly in new work environment, classroom management; operation of team work and time management. It was also found out that there was need to hold induction seminars regularly and enhance consultations and designation of experienced teachers as mentors to the beginning teachers. Based on the findings of the study, it was concluded that induction needs of beginning were many and needed to be addressed through seminars and mentoring. The study recommended that experienced teachers should work as a team; mentors to have regular consultations and the Ministry of Education to restructure the schools organizational systems to cater for individual needs of beginning teachers for effective induction of beginning teachers.

Keywords: Beginning Teachers, Bungoma East and North Districts, Induction Needs, Primary Schools, Kenya.

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