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The Effect of Using Communicative Approach on Developing Pronunciation Sub-Skills

Dr. Mukhtar Abd  Elfattah Abd Elmaksoud

Lecturer of Curriculum and Methods of Teaching English, Faculty of Education, Beni-Suef University, Egypt


Received March 13, 2013; Accepted March 25, 2013


Pronunciation instruction is a prominent factor in foreign language teaching. A broad definition of pronunciation includes both suprasegmental and segmental features. After dealing with the review of literature, observation and meetings, the researcher stated the problem of the study. Objectives, importance, questions, hypotheses, tools, delimitations, sample, terms and references of the study were mentioned. Questions of the study were: (1) What are the sub-skills of English pronunciation that students in Special Diploma, at Faculty of Education, Beni-Suef University should develop before the use of communicative approach? (2) What is the effect of using communicative approach on the sub-skills of English pronunciation of students in Special Diploma at Faculty of Education, Beni-Suef University? (3) How far does the communicative approach affect the sub-skills of English pronunciation of students in Special Diploma at Faculty of Education, Beni-Suef University in general? Procedures included administering the diagnostic test after achieving validity and reliability. According to the results of the diagnostic test which is the first question of the study, the researcher started designing a program to help student develop their sub-skills of English pronunciation. Before administering the pre-test, the researcher determined validity as the test was submitted to juries, then reliability was achieved. Students' scores were low. Afterwards, the researcher started teaching the program to train students through the use of communicative approach. Students were given the instructional materials. The researcher made use of his Laptop to train students on the right pronunciation of words related to the program at the Faculty of Education at Beni-Suef. He used the communicative approach in teaching pronunciation dividing students into groups. Results of the study were as the following: To answer question 2, it is shown in table 5 that the means were mentioned showing the difference between the pre test and post test in every skill. To answer question 3,  it is shown in table 4 that the value of  T is  13.249.Recommendations and suggestions for further studies were mentioned in the end in the light of the results of the study

Keywords: Approach, effect, pronunciation, skill, program, development.


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