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Relationship with the community instead of marketing: A continuing education case

*Fernando Juárez and Ángela María Chacón

Universidad del Rosario, Calle 14, No. 4-80, Bogotá, Colombia

*Corresponding Author E-mail:

Received February 21, 2013; Accepted March 19, 2013


This study analyzed the existence of community concepts in relation to how higher education institutions understand continuing education and the influence on performance that the use of community strategies by continuing education might have on its relationship with the environment. For this, a case study approach was adopted by selecting a representative case and using an intra-case explanatory design. Propositions and protocol analysis were both defined. Various sources of evidence were employed, such as documents, financial and performance data, and other information from different sectors; these were analyzed within the framework of logical evidence. It was concluded that continuing education departments use community concepts and that they could benefit from a proper use of community strategies in their relationship with the environment.

Keywords: Continuing education, community, strategies, higher education, marketing.


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