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Community strategies that replace marketing in the relationship between continuing education organizations and the community

*Fernando Juárez and Ángela María Chacón

Universidad del Rosario, Calle 14, No. 4-80, Bogotá, Colombia

*Corresponding Author Email:;  

Received February 13, 2013; Accepted March 19, 2013


The existence of community concepts is analyzed here with the aim of reaching definitions of continuing education and other related education forms. The role of the community environment as a natural place for a relationship with education institutions is also considered, along with community strategies designed to ensure that the relevant organizations relate effectively to the local environment and contribute to the development of the community. Emphasis is placed on the value of the use of community development programmes and on establishing a learning community, a community of practice and a work community. The importance of the creation of social capital is also emphasized, along with the roles of adult education in the community, community leadership, grass roots organizations, coalitions, empowerment and critical reflection and networking. It is proposed that community strategies could replace marketing if a community approach to doing business is used. It is argued that, by employing such strategies, educational organizations can build a sustainable relationship with the community.

Keywords: Continuing education, Community, Strategies, Organization, Marketing.

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