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Student and Parental Perceptions on Meeting the Educational Needs of the Disadvantaged Students in the Primary Schools

Mehmet Özbaş

Erzincan University Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences; Department of Educational Administration Supervision Planning and Economics Erzincan/TURKEY

E-mail:; Tel: +90 446 224 00 89; Fax: +90 446 223 19 01

Received 20 January, 2012; Accepted 07 March, 2012


Assuring that the primary school students should get maximum benefits from their schools in accordance with their needs is an organizational obligation both for the efficiency of the administration and for the productivity education. The aim of this research is to put forth the grade about meeting the educational needs of the disadvantaged students studying in primary schools. This research is a comparative-type descriptive study in which the student and the parental perceptions were determined with a face-to-face method of interview. The field of subject includes ‘the educational needs of disadvantaged students’ and the field of examination of the research consists of 42 students and their 41 parents from the district primary schools in the central province of Erzincan who attended “The Make-up Education Programme” on the Academic Year of 2010-2011. According to the findings, the differences that are not spotted which affect the disadvantaged students negatively have caused their educational needs to stay undetermined. The results of this research have proved out that the primary schools are not able to offer adequate support for the disadvantaged students about defining the socio-economic characteristics of their families and thus fulfilling their educational needs.


Keywords: Primary school, disadvantaged student, disadvantaged family, educational need, social justice and equality of opportunity.


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